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"I hope we shall... crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and to bid defiance to the laws of their country." - Thomas Jefferson, letter to George Logan. November 12, 1816.


08/27/2017 12:57 AM


Well Cats, it has been awhile. I have been busy roaming the jungle, fulfilling my mooncat potential. But all good things must end, and so, here I am again, staying up late, glowing in the moonlight, waiting to hear the howls of night, and the screams of the banshee on the wind. 

Now about the NRA...


                   It must be nice to stand up and say a lot of nothing spiked with ominous threat and mystical bullshit when you don't have to face the consequences of your rhetoric. 

Just so you know, your desperate declaration of "We the people.." is a weak attempt to tie your fickle opinion about the  New York Times to some brave American principle as if there is even one single similarity between your split tongued bullshit and the American spirit. I am the people, and you do not speak for me and you do not speak to me. I am a gun slinger, a mother, and a patriot, and you do not speak for me. 

Now I am the last person to defend the New York Times, they have been dead to me since Valerie Plame and the endless bootlicking that seemed to be their standard operating procedure during the Bush dynasty. That said, where were you then? Wait, save your breath, I already know. Bowing in gratitude to the New York Times for saving W from the evil intellegence officer. The key word here being, intelligence.  Where were you when the Patriot Act was being shoved down the throats of the American people? Save your breath, I already know. You were busy selling guns to the highest bidders all over the world. It was a busy time for you and yours.   

Now I am not one to throw stones. You can have your two faced opinions as it suits you, when they agree with you, love them, and when they tell you something you don't like, threaten them with violence for all I care. You and the New York Times, are the same. Two peas in a rotten pod caught in a lovers quarrel that takes the stage like two meth heads fighting in the street. Nice.  But don't presume that you speak for me. Don't assume that because I believe in the second amendment that I need you to defend my rights because when my rights were being flushed down the White House toilet, you were there, standing by with toilet paper. 

So now you're mad at the New York Times, but of course not really. As soon as they begin to kiss the right ass again, you will settle down. I am not so schizophrenic that I could be that  loose with my hatred. Mine runs deep, red white and blue. I despise what you represent, because I am an American, I know the definition of Democratic, Republican, and I would never be so careless as to further the ignorance and hate that does nothing but undermine both. 

There is a thing, called principle. and it is static. It does not waver with public sentiment, it does not fall down in the wind. Principle survives on backbone, when the crowds are gone away and the streets are littered with their careless garbage and you sit back and count your money, principle is still there. While you kiss ass like a two dollar whore trying to win a popularity contest. Principle exists on quiet resolve. So shake your money maker, check the ratings, but the only ones you are fooling are the fools. 

But I will make you a promise, I will be armed to the teeth, I will amass as many weapons as I see fit, waiting for the day you embark on your liberal killing spree, In the words of one of your most beloved idiotic heroes. Bring it on. I know you understand that language. 

Proud Liberal

Always ready

Always faithful

Viva la Liberte'




They haven't always called themselves republicans, they arent the least bit conservative, they inhabit various movements that allow them to masquerade as patriotic like parasites who have no chance of survival without attaching itself to something legitimate, but they have always existed. They squander our treasuries and trust funds, they despise the government our founders and heroes lived and died to create. A government designed with a built in mandate to demand and guarantee liberty as a right of existence to people within its borders and around the world. A government unlike any other, that declares equality and respects no wealth, power or position above the weaker social conditions. When this government uses its power to demand that self-evident liberty in states and territories, representing the individuals against tyrrannical state governments, there is wailing and gnashing of teeth from those who don't understand the cost of their own liberty. They seem to prefer the idea of putting on their jackboots and beating down those who struggle to have their own voice heard above the loud commercial, methodical psychological agenda they would impose on their own countrymen and struggling peoples around the world. To maim, destroy and kill all who do not come to heel. Anything less seems to make them cringe. They want to be king of the hill, and nothing can penetrate the darkness of their wicked desires to let the poor starve, the sick die, and to break the will of or kill those who dissent out of suspicion, skepticism, reluctance or weariness of an unpredictable power that puts itself on a pedestal of idol worship, vice, and vanity.
Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and the GOP literally drool at the idea of taking control of our resources again, and getting back into the game of squandering our credibility around the world. Finally doing what their dirty heroes could not, destroying the hard won faith and credit of the United States and destroy the government who dares to say to wealth and power that their desires do not trump the rights of the weak and desperate.
The fact that this government is designed to create and foster wealth among its people doesn't seem to phase them. They don't understand that unless their wealth came from royal inheritance they are the beneficiaries of the very government they despise. All too quickly they get into the business of world affairs, injecting their own backward unelected and undesired contentions into the global conversation romancing the notion of a brutal undeclared monarchy. They are the enemies of peace, the enemies of personal liberty, the enemies of American law and especially justice for all. They prefer to be lord like benefactors who can starve those who don't behave, but have no desire to support a government who metes out justice according to written, established law, and not according to the social status of those who could easily and without conscience enslave a nation to better coddle their own feelings of superiority. They generally claim to be christians but practice survival of the fittest, their god is a monstrosity with the body of Leo Strauss, the feet of Pontius Pilate and the head of Ayn Rand. Their religion is to not interfere when the weak are eaten by the powerful, to win at all costs, to climb over the weak to hoard resources. They put a fence around gods very gifts to hamanity, the very resources that sustain us, and demand tribute as if they own it, as if they created it. They are enemies of civilized society, and a stain on humanity. They are now masquerading as conservatives, republicans and libertarians. It is absolutely absurd, but they have a death grip on the republican party, and it may be too late to save it.


The Republicans promise to go back to the Bush policies that crippled our nation and depleted our resources, namely, trillions of dollars in surplus cash and new revenues. Republicans always promise to reform and privatize but what they really mean is they will plunder the coffers, cookie jars and separate accounts that are locked to them without some excuse to get into them. They want the money and they will do anything to get it. Not because they need it, but because they resent the US that has allowed them to become so rich, giving others a hand up to do the same.  They are the dstructive merchants that Jefferson despised, lower than scum, hateful and vindictive. They must not be allowed to do their worst again, the US cannot sustain their appetite for greed and destruction. If you love your country, vote a straight Democratic ticket, and then we can see clearly to weed out the dems that join the Republicans in their obstruction. 



"Merchants have no country."  -Thomas Jefferson
It's hard to think much less accomplish when the irratic nutjob set is throwing another tantrum every time you make a move.  We must remember what we know about this country and how its founders felt about equality, the sacrifices they made and the lives they took to defend the wording "that all men are created equally.." and more. We cannot let the corporate demons scare us from our task to finish creating what they started, to honor their steadfastness and commitment to an idea.  When the pseudo-libertarians (who are really just disgruntled republicans in drag) sling quotes at you designed to make you feel unamerican, don't just assume they have it right, Jefferson was a champion of public schools, the disenfranchised, and the common man.  He was no corporate shill but certainly knew they existed then and feared they would destroy this country with their poison contrary cafe patriotism, no one hates our country more, as Jefferson said, "Merchants have no country.".  Correctly pointing out that business is loyal to profit alone.  Be strong, force your senators to give you a public option, what else do you get for your tax money?  Make them do it.  Do not wilt.


It's just amazing the lengths Corporate thieves will go to to try to destroy this country. If we do not bring them to heel, we will always have them manipulating the system for profit and Spite.  When one entity in this country has the power to collapse our economy by sheer will then our system has a huge hole in it.  How many companies continue to lay off, cut back, out source and close entire offices just to keep driving unemployment up?  Certainly some  companies have had no choice but for others it is just a spiteful manipulation of the numbers, which translates to real lives. real homeless and hungry children.  Evil is not a strong enough word to describe the pettiness of the collective monetary power today.

We must demand a better society for future Americans, A choice to be better, to do more, to rely less on the powerful monopolies that oppress 95% of American citizens.  Though the good voices there seem to be few they are powerful, and they do resonate.  Today, we are in control.



You can be in massive debt with Healthcare provided, or massive debt without healthcare provided, those are really your only two choices.

If the Republicans kill Healthcare, we will still be in debt, perhaps we should at least get healthcare for our money, it might make things easier for everyone.

No matter what happens, our kids surely know by now that they must triple the value (est14trillion annually at present) of our economy so they can have a semblance of a life, we should at least give them healthcare in the deal.

To hear public servants villify public service is the most blatant kind of hypocricy.
Many Senators are playing nanny to their states in an "I know better than you what's good for you" condescension that should make free people wretch, it is sickening.

If your Senators don't work for you fire them in 2010! Then they can get their own healthcare and get off the teat.

That means you Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby!

The People of Alabama should refuse to allow tax dollars to pay for HealthCare for anyone, until it pays for everyone.

It's a fact that m
ost red states can't pull their own weight financially and that the blue states actually generate most of the federal tax dollars collected, yet red state representatives seem to think it's their money and that they are the only ones who should decide how to spend it.

Demand Healthcare, you deserve it, you earned it. You're already paying for the massive debt and all you have is a war, get something you really need, get healthcare.

You can't be a Republican and Love the Constitution at the same time.

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Comment posted by blackwatertown, 05/17/2010 at 1:03pm (UTC):
Enjoyed reading your powerful story about the woman you knew as a child, whom you called Maria. The one who had her hair singed off in a petrol bomb attack on the bus she was in. (Couldn't a comment after it, so it's going here instead.) I wonder are you still in contact with her?

Comment posted by MoonCat, 03/19/2010 at 4:20am (UTC):
Wow!, Donald, could you be more clueless? I've never been a Democrat or a Republican and you are one who is so blinded by your own self doubt that you are afraid without a stacked deck in your favor you will be some miserable failure, perhaps that is just good judgement on your part, however, it is not the American way. You should move to some Monarchy type country or perhaps a theocracy to suit your high and mighty ideals that support the rich destroying the poor, where if the finest mind is born into servitude, no one will ever know. I know you are afraid that when people are no longer economically oppressed by the fixed game you call economics that someone smarter and more dilligent may take your soft ass right out of your executive chair. So it goes, stupid and liberty soon part, and you my friend are following the most inconsistent hypocritical line of bullshit since King George. So good Luck with that, and thanks for playing.


Comment posted by Donald, 02/03/2010 at 7:42am (UTC):
Wow, so blinded by the propaganda and hate, you're just silly. Can't you see the Dems no longer represent real working people, the people who really make this country go? The real wage earners, the real tax payers are behind the GOP. Your average Dem is a lazy, feel-sorry-for-me, give-me-somethin-for-free, immoral idiot, or the freaks who've never led a normal existence except being a Hollywood star with no idea of what real-life means or the 3rd-generation welfare-addict who refuses to get an education and/or a job to better himself or community. People like you are disgusting.

Comment posted by:09/11/2009 at 7:56am (UTC)

Most of the people complaining are on Gov run HealthCare, it's beyond stupid

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