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About Texas...
Go ahead and cut TX loose let MX take it over they've been on the teat ever since we took that hellhole from MX, we'd save Billions of $

If TX secedes I will change my position to favor armed men at the US/TX Border Build a Wall, let em fight MX alone. Make my day...


You can't be a Republican and Love the Constitution at the same time.

Bush Cheney & Co all knew they were breaking the law when they did it, and they didn't seem to be too worried about consequences then, so no one should cry for them now, what was it he said to Senator Leahy again?
Now Cheney's trying to convince Americans that The Rule of Law is inconsequential, a view that directly undermines the Constitution, may we all beg the differ. Even Hitler felt justified out of fear and danger, you still can't just be an animal and call it the American way, the American way, is the Rule of Law Mr Cheney.


They Pray over War, and Politics, but No Prayers or Faith For Healthcare

I know, it seems so phony to call on God during a war, it is phony to ask God to aid you in destroying a country and a culture, to give the air of superiority needed to justify such an act, but not healing the sick, poverty and class exclusion. Yet, that is the truth of it, the so called christian right, is just a charade, a charade to keep the poor humble, and the susceptible on a string.

These people don't really believe in Christ, they just say they do when they want people to be on their side, people who believe that God works in mysterious ways so anything is possible, these people believe the right might be the hand of God because they don't seem to be. They are victims of reverse psychology to the degree that it has resulted in mass bi-polar disorder replete with delusions of grandeur, resulting in unspeakable cruelties and viscious greeds that rival those of any in history.

It's hard to feel sorry for their supporters who apparently never read the words of christ, and hitch their wagon to anything that seems extreme enough to be the cosmic irony. Seems desperate and pathetic, not of God, but what do I know, I'm just a dumb girl from Alabama.

Blatant lies perpetrated by Rep. Paul Broun, R, GA

Bearing false witness is a sin just as sure as murder is. Where is the shame on the right?  Now they say Obama wants a Gestapo.  It's just another blatant lie perpetrated by Rep. Paul Broun, R, GA, for no good reason except spiteful resentment.  He is not confused, or stupid, he is a liar.

The Senate Democrats proved tHealth Care Reform is now a reality, but it is certainly not finished. Americans can not yet afford to take a breath, the Senate looms on the horizono be so unfaithful to their constituents that we now must return and hope for a change in their demeanor. They must be made to understand, and this will not be easy. Its not that the Tea Party has a Majority, as there were 100k protesters in DC for Immigration Reform, yet the press could not find the time to cover them because their job was to present the Tea Party as a representative slice of real America. The press will not suddenly decide to ignore the minority fringe no matter how many thousands/millions support the reconciliation, therefore we must stand tall and be constant,
we must be dilligent and concise. We must begin to prod the Senate today and not stop until reconcilation has passed. We must shut out the Tea Party Nut Jobs no mater how sane CNN would have them appear. We must point out, and clarify the inconsistency of the opposition. We must remember the persuit of Happiness, the General Welfare and the entirely humanitarian position that the founders of this great nation took to themselves and promote The American Way

Good Hunting!
So I was watching this video of some RightWing Nut saying that if Nancy Pelosi
passed legislation that the Supreme Court "deemed" Unconstitutional then she was guilty of Treason and should be tried for it. By that standard all Republicans who have touted "Deem&Pass" unconstitutional as a matter of known fact, are indeed confessing to Treason and anything they say can be held against them. Further, every act of Republican legislation ever passed by the "Deem&Pass" Rule is now illegal and must be rescinded immediately. Stupid Tea Soaked Republican.

See Dr NutJob Here:
Tea Partier: Try Pelosi For Treason

Tea Partier: Try Pelosi For Treason

There is a reason Republicans cater to the nutjob crowd, they hate Americans, and they want to destroy collective effort and promote collective violence.  Should they succeed in destroying American infrastructure, they would be targets for the desperate, and they are all so soft and spoiled it would not end well.  So as they continually attempt to
"Set it Off", they might want to think it through to it's logical conclusion for a change, I know that is alien to them but you have to start somewhere.


 Those Crazy Republicans

While the world watched, the Republican Party took over the country
in 2000, rashly, in an unprecedented questionable act and then snubbed their collective nose at everyone else for 8 embarassing years.  During that time, there was no call for bi-partisanship, restraint, or fiscal responsibility. You either loved George Bush, or you were on the side of the terrorists, there was no middle ground to be had.   Now that President Obama sits in the WH, a Democrat, suddenly the Republicans are preaching restraint, and bipartisanship, fiscal responsiblility, again.  They talked a good game during the Clinton Administration as well.

I think I understand it, deficits are bad, unless Republicans are running them and "deficits don't matter", and there is a time for fiscal responsibility- when the Democrats get to decide how to spend the money. There is a time to support the US Constitution, but not when Americans fourth amendment right is trampled assunder via warrantless spying, but when a Democrat is president, in general one must laud the second amendment to imply that they care for the individual Liberty this country is so proud of.

  So the only way to ensure that the Republicans are always true to their conservative principles, is to never elect them to office again. 

Lastly, it is noteworthy to point out that from the 2000 election results, yellowcake uranium from Niger,  Saddams WMD to flowers and hearts in Iraq, Torture, trickle down economics and the actual election of Barack Obama (smiles), the Republicans have been wrong about virtually everything, they shot themselves in the foot with W and now the media refuses to pull the plug and let the nutjob set wither away but parades them like zombies from one political speculator to the next, and while entertaining,  this is a complete waste of time. Mindless repeats of all they have already been wrong about.

I don't care what the Republicans think, rather than listen to them you might as well ask Bernie Madoff to invest your money for you....

Fri Aug 28, 2009


I turned four years old in 1971, that summer was a hot one in Montgomery Alabama as anyone who was here could attest to. I spent my days like a lot of privileged children, oblivious to the horror that was going on right there in my town, in my state, in my south. One single day changed all that.

Like a lot of people we had a housekeeper, who was black, I’ll call her Maria, just to keep it simple. Maria was a wonderful young woman whom I just adored. Too young to understand the complexities of her position in my home, I thought of her as a family member. I looked forward to her arrival everyday and am now sure that I must have driven her crazy with all the questions and conversation that was a constant on my part.

One day, Maria arrived with a scarf tied around her usually immaculate hair, the scarf was oily and in my curiosity I couldn’t help but point it out and ask" why?". Maria, just told me plainly, that she was riding the bus to work when someone threw a Mal tov cocktail at the bus, which caused her hair to be burned off of her head, the oily substance I was so fascinated with was burn ointment, and the scarf kept the burns from drying out.

I was horrified, mortified, traumatized more than I had ever been and still cannot think of many situations that rival the disgust and the sickening feeling that welled up inside me. Many times, I still shed a tear.

When I asked who and why would they do such a thing, she just said, "nobody saw who did it, and I don’t know why they would want to do it." Of all the things she could have told me. She was not a stupid woman, she was a student, beautiful and strong, one of my personal heroes.  She didn't want to tell me the awful truth of it.  That a lot of the people in the south hated her because of her color, thought she was beneath them, were angry that she was on the bus, that anyone was, that they believed they were christians but they had murder in their hearts.  It was a dark day, and she spared me the worst of it.  Maybe she was a afriad that if she told me what they thought of black people, that I might think so too. Never!  Bless you "Maria", wherever you are.

It was a rough summer in Alabama. Maria’s story was not uncommon, she was not the only one burned that day, on the bus in Montgomery. That was not the first bus to be bombed and it wasn’t the last. The terrorists who caused such horror were never caught or prosecuted, it was all just accepted, and then swept under the rug of history.

Today, the descendants of those terrorists are still resisting, resisting the constitution that judges everyone as equal, resisting the Christ they wave around on cross like bounty, resisting the good that has come about since 1971. We are finally ready to take a cue from Christ and do something good that would benefit everyone, and it is met with hatred, racism and guile.

Christ predicted a time when war would be seen as good and helping the sick and the poor would be seen as evil. That day has come.

See, I am proud of my country, my state, and my south. Today there are no bus bombings, no one is being systematically burned in the streets, a certain standard of living exists, if we grade it all on a curve I’d say southern society has improved three full grades. Take away the curve and it’s still just a high D, sometimes a Low C, the hateful rhetoric and encroaching viscousness threatens a return to the hatred that existed in the 70's. An encouragement of violence and terror. They want to burn her again.

I will not sit here idly by and not say a word. I was here, I saw and felt the terror with my own eyes and heart. This is terrorism, today it’s general and mostly non-violent, but it’s also national. So yeah, I am proud, but I am still horrified. I’ve been silent for far too long.




This pic from Funny Pictures, Political Humor


Pearls, pearls and more Pearls*********** 

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Human need takes
precedence over
religious ritual.
(Isaiah 58)

"The Gothic idea that we were to look backwards instead of forwards for the improvement of the human mind, and to recur to the annals of our ancestors for what is most perfect in government, in religion and in learning, is worthy of those bigots in religion and government by whom it has been recommended, and whose purposes it would answer. But it is not an idea which this country will endure." --Thomas Jefferson to Joseph Priestley, 1800. ME 10:148
"I am for encouraging the progress of science in all its branches, and not for raising a hue and cry against the sacred name of philosophy; for awing the human mind by stories of raw-head and bloody bones to a distrust of its own vision, and to repose implicitly on that of others; to go backwards instead of forwards to look for improvement; to believe that government, religion, morality and every other science were in the highest perfection in the ages of the darkest ignorance, and that nothing can ever be decided more perfect than what was established by our forefathers." --Thomas Jefferson to Elbridge Gerry, 1799. ME 10:78

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